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Shadownex's Journal

21st February, 2009. 12:20 am. More art for you all.

So I have to work tomorrow. So it's going to snow on me. So what?
And the promised art. Enjoy.

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26th November, 2006. 10:51 pm. RIGHT

Okay, for some reason my new deviant art pics are not showing up in my gallery. Fine. Here are the direct links.

I should have called this one, "Someday, son, all this will be yours!"

Current mood: aggravated.

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23rd November, 2006. 1:51 am.

Ah, Thanksgiving. Does anyone else get weird feelings when you see happy, smiling turkeys in various Thanksgiving ads? I feel like screaming, "RUN WHILE YOU CAN! YOU'RE ON THE KILL FLOOR!"

Of course, this doesn't stop me from eating turkey. I just wish people would stop pretending it's all okay. "Oh, look! Cute turkeys!"
Sure, we don't eat the reindeer or the easter pony. Why can't someone create a Thanksgiving avatar so I don't have to see cute, adorable turkeys doing their best to remain cheery while their fate looms overhead? Poppy the Plentiful Pilgrim? Gives-Lotsa-Food, the Non-Offensive Native American? A freakin', anthropomorphic 1600's rifle?

Current mood: annoyed.

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19th November, 2006. 11:06 pm.

Ah, want do I want for Christmas? Hows about my own publishing company? Okay, a bit steep. A Faery Underground toy line? Hah!
Technically, I have George. He's very hardworking and makes the best prints. Course, he's only one printer.
My snake would like some tasty frozen mice, and something large and easy to coil on so she can bask. She's outgrowing her upside-down plastic trash can.
As a kid, I was NEVER at a loss for want I wanted for Christmas. I could rattle off a dozen items right away, and would happily drag my mom to the toy store to point out a dozen more. Of course, I never got everything I wanted. My grandmother told me long ago that the more you ask for the less you're likely to get. These days, it's more like... geez, what do I want that is within the parental and friend budget constraints?
Meanwhile, the race is on to get presents for other people (yes, they exist). My favorite is my brother, because he is easy to shop for. My dad, however, seems to own every damn DVD on the planet and my mom just wants the family "together."
And I am so overjoyed I am not working retail next week. I am exuberant. Elated. Tickled a perfect shade of peach.

Current mood: ecstatic.

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25th September, 2006. 10:31 pm. Ramblings...

It was a very odd day yesterday. Or this morning. I don't know, since night shifts throw off my internal clock. At some point the sun was out, then it was raining, then the mist came in and the monsters trapped us all in the supermarket, where internal struggles threatened to tear the last group of human survivors apart...
But I digress. The point is, I have apparently rescued at least five animals today (yesterday?).

There was, of course, the usual spiders in the building. On my rounds I'd be scooping them up in plastic coffee cups and depositting them off in places with less traffic.
Then, I went out for a mid-afternoon jog and came across a baby snapping turtle making its way over the road. So I took my shirt off (don't worry- sports bra underneath) and scooped up the little turtle and dropped him off in the local creek, which was down the next cul-de-sac, so he was probably heading there anyway.
Not an hour later, I dropped by the local Petsmart (my former place of employment) to pick up supplies for the new baby turtles we had (no relation to the snapper). Not five steps inside the store I almost stepped on a juvenile albino leopard gecko (about three inches) trying to be as sneaky as possible. His tail was missing, the stump was bloody, and his left back legs was crushed and bloody as well. I seized a plastic bag from the cashier (the only thing on hand- removing my shirt in a public store would have been frowned upon), and used it to catch the little guy. They're very speedy, so it's difficult to hold onto them barehanded. I located my old manager and explained what had happened. Turned out the gecko was part of a reptile rescue group that had been there two weeks ago, and some kid had fooled with a cage and some animals had escaped. A specialty associate (hah, that would have been me) took the gecko to the isolation room for a visit with the on-site vet. Call me crazy, but I'm considering trying to adopt the gecko, if he lives. I know I need another animal like a mistborn carnivorous lobster-beast, but I've had a handicapped gecko before and there was something oddly serendipitious about the whole thing.
And, to round out the day, I avoided running over a squirrel and successfully swerved to miss a little bird dust-bathing in the middle of the road. My car has some sweet skills.
Yes, weirdness abounds. And I'm considering going back to school. Art school. (can't really go back, because I never was at art school to begin with, I suppose, but what the hell) Why? The snapping turtle told me to!

Current mood: drained.

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16th August, 2006. 9:53 pm. Requiem for a WTF

Sitting in the lobby this morning, I became aware that something was actually happening on CNN, other than the usual "these two guys tried to steal cars at a race track as a prank" and "Elvis died 29 years ago today and we're ignoring the alien abduction conspiracy theories." Seems there was an altercation on a airplane bound from England to D.C. and the pilot declared an emergency and landed the plane in Boston. (sorry, Boston, but you're expendable). With the passengers "deplaned" (I swear I think they used that word) and luggage lined up like corpses on the tarmac, the story started to emerge. Well, two different versions. One said a woman had suffered an anxiety attack, possibly claustrophobia, and the other claimed she had been in possession of vaseline, matches, a screwdriver, and a letter referring to Al Qaeda.
Yep, PANIC IN THE LOBBY!!! Well, no, that would have been interesting. Instead everyone just rubbernecked by the large, flatscreen TV attached to the lobby wall, then looked at me like I knew what was going on. Right now, no one seems to know what the real story is.

So, after this debacle, I came home to find my snake circling her tank and burrowing in her bedding. She's quite cute when she does this. She's been eating a lot lately, due to the warm weather. I also think the rats I buy her are not as big as normal. I really need to find a reptile show and buy a huge bag o' rats. Of course, then I'd need a freezer to put them in. My parents will allow a few frozen rats, but a whole bag is kind of out.
Then I started working on comics. See my other journal, Chaotikin_Press, for more on that.

Current book- The Scar, by China Mieville

Current mood: exhausted.

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13th August, 2006. 10:34 pm.

Had a great time in Cincy this weekend. So great I'm going back soon.
The continuing saga of my snake- she was hungry when I came home. She's gotten bigger so she's eating more. But she's still my sweetie. So I left her a reheated frozen rat on her house, and she ate it while I was out.
Which reminds me... Kiji needs to send me the codes for making cool LJ text thingies, like that line thru words things.

Movie I actually want to see- The Descent.

Current mood: amused.

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9th March, 2006. 6:59 pm. The ol' too much information warning...

Well, I was on Wikipedia learning about Pink Floyd today, and I got COCKY and went searching for info on Deathnote, the new manga I'm buying. BIG MISTAKE (hence the caps). To make a long story short, my search for any info on a neat plot twist I felt for sure was hidden in book two resulted in my knowing a few key plot developments later in the story. Yes, there was the spoiler warning, but the main spoiler was pretty much right below it in the table of contents. And it kind of kills the whole story for me. Deathnote, for non-readers, was shaping up to be a well-drawn (same artist as Hikaru no Go), intelligent mystery/horror manga. Sure, the main character was kind of a snotty sociopath, but part of the fun was watching the antagonist match wits with him. Obviously, I'm not going to say what I found out (just in case anyone else is reading it), but it's made me personally rethink my dedication to buying the series.

The moral of the story... when they say spoiler warning, they mean FREAKIN' spoiler warning. Probably in the next sentence. Normally I'm not the ghoulish sort of person who likes to peak at the ending. (I'm certainly not the extremely ghoulish sort who peaks and then proceeds to tell everyone else). Oh, well. Lesson learned.

Current mood: disappointed.

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26th October, 2005. 4:31 pm. Mucking about...

I'll be in Athens this weekend. People who are not in Athens this weekend SHOULD NOT BE SAD because other people have no respect for their free time and their jobs are evil. They should know I miss them and plan a kidnapping visit at some point in the future. (Can't tell when... it's a kidnapping, after all.)

Anyhoo, if anyone would like to receive an email of my Faery Underground proposal, I will be sending it to interested parties to look over Thursday. That way you'd have the whole weekend to respond, if you cared to. You're under no obligation, of course. But any thoughts would be helpful. I MIGHT be able to email the preview pages and the character designs, but they might look too crappy shrunk down to get an accurate idea of what they look like, and they won't be toned until next week anyway.


Anyway, let me know.

Current mood: busy.

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13th August, 2005. 2:14 pm. Stupidy stinky online applications....

Regarding the above, they always fuck up at some point. Do they think I really want to sit here and stare at a nonmoving window waiting for some invisible "system" to get its ass in gear and verify stuff? Um, a retarded squirrel monkey eating its own waste could have verified it by now! Jeez, just gimme a piece of paper and I'll do it the old-fashioned way. Modern technology is not always faster.

Speaking of technology (and those damn horseless carriages), Livejournal isn't giving me the option of having my comments emailed to me. And I can't read them on the entry because they don't load up. So anyone who's commented on my journal recently... I'll figure something out. I'm a college gradju-it.

Anyway, back to the application process/ordeal.

Current mood: irate.

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